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Exercises for your eyes

Eye Exercises

Natural therapies can slow the visual disturbances. Around has 11 muscles, so that the muscles around the need to keep in shape and body. Exercises you will do this by moving the eye in a triangle, left, up, right, left , down, right. This repeat 4 times, first in one direction, then in the opposite direction.
When the computer, turn to look at an object which is about 6 feet, back view, and so repeat 4 times. When you rise, spray before washing 10 times with warm eyes and as much cold water. Repeat just before bedtime and first cold hot water.
Blink 1 minute 15 flashes per minute, once per day. Keep the index finger 15 cm from your eyes, and move it follow. relax your neck and head move to follow your finger, then repeat the same but now pay attention to the background that is moving.

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