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Basil Medicinal properties


Basil is an annual plant of the family - labiatea that grows in sunny, but protected places, so it needs plenty of water. Basil is an herb that grows 30 to 40 cm with a branched stem. Leaves are ovate and at the end pointed, while the small, white, dvousnati flowers are at the top of the stem. flowers grow in great numbers in the upper part of the stem. Multicolor are white, pink or purple.
This plant is highly valued for its medicinal properties which have so happy to be applied, not only in the kitchen but also in medicine. First of all basil is effective in diseased urinary tract. these plants also stopped whites, and said to cure the sick and the liver, dropsy. Basil has a strong sedative effect, eliminates relieves anxiety and insomnia and is good for people who have a problem with loss of appetite because it stimulates the same. thereof has recommended to the young and nursing mothers should drink a tea made from basil since it helps in milk production.
can be used in many ways, and his fresh aromatic leaves proved to be a powerful anti-inflammatory drug in patients with joint swelling is a problem and those who were diagnosed with arthritis. This could be very helpful to patients with arthritis who swallow tablets daily.
Researchers at the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Manchester, found that eating concentrated extract two types of basil - Ocimum americanum and Ocimum tenuiflorum - reduces swelling of joints up to 73% in just 24 hours.
Unlike synthetic drugs, the basil has no side effects such as gastrointestinal irritation and pain caused by taking drugs.
Regarding the origin of this izvarendne plants, records say that basil is the original homeland of India. long time ago, but about 5500 years ago knew it was the Egyptians, as evidenced by the remains of plants found in the pyramid tombs of that period. Basil is known and valued medicinal and aromatic plants. According to some old records in middle Europe are transmitted by the monks in the 12th century.

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