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Vitamins for acne

Vitamins for acne

How are acne
special type of hormone known as androgen cause excess oil build-up in the glands, and when this oil and dead skin cells clog glands, results in the formation of blackheads. With the additional effect of certain skin bacteria, can occur directly inflamed and bright red spots that are commonly characterized as acne.
inappropriate makeup and also their bad composition can only irritate the pimples or even close sebaceous glands.
Stress causes the formation of acne. Therefore, when they do have acne, do not be upset because it will be worse.
Vitamins help
healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, our bodies make a lot of vitamins and minerals, which contributes to general health and the health of our skin.
Particular attention should be paid to calcium, phosphorus, potassium, chromium, sulfur, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, C, PP and B vitamins: Home - Phosphorus in fish, cheese, eggs. Home - Chromium is in peas, beans, soybeans. Home - Lack of potassium may be compensated by including in the diet of raisins, prunes and cabbage. Home - calcium is in dairy products, as well as fruits and vegetables. Home - Vitamins A , C and PP are rich in milk, tomato, lemon, pepper, liver, fish, carrots, berries, pomegranate, sauerkraut, meat and kidneys. Numerous studies have shown that this vitamin is extremely important nutrient when it comes to our skin and treatment of acne. However, excessive amounts of this vitamin are very dangerous, so do not overdo
Vitamin B2 and B3 - Vitamin B2 in many cases very efficient in terms of reassurance and removing unwanted stress. natural resources that abound in this vitamin are: milk, fish, eggs, meat and leafy green vegetables. Vitamin B3 is also very efficient when it comes to improving circulation and overall skin health.
Vitamin E - can be found in greater amounts in almonds, peanuts, seeds sunflower, broccoli, and oils that originate and vegetables. This vitamin is the most important nutrient in the fight against acne.

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