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How to lower blood pressure

How to Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem for many today. Unfortunately this has become a common disease.
High blood pressure leads to heart and stroke, which can end in a fatal outcome. It is therefore very important that if you have high blood pressure, on time, work on it to bring it to normal.
healthy lifestyle you will be able to regulate your blood pressure. This implies that we should engage in physical activity, eliminates stress and adequate and healthy diet.
It is not necessary to deal with some strenuous sports, to go to training or to the gym several times a week. If you are in years, it is not possible. Just take a walk every day for 30 to 60 minutes, because movement helps lower blood pressure.
Stress is the great enemy of every man. On a negative effect on the body in general, and particularly on blood pressure. So make sure that as much as possible to avoid stressful situations. try to control and not or very loudly to everyday problems.
Nutrition is very important, that this is a big factor that affects the blood pressure.
It is important to eat healthy. As for food, you should introduce to your diet fruits and vegetables fresh. They contain vitamic C who, when they fail in the body leads to growth pressures.
If you want to reduce your blood pressure, you should consume foods rich in calcium, sodium and calcium because they significantly reduce blood pressure.
calcium to a great extent free from dairy products, dried figs, broccoli, kale and beans and some fish such as salmon and sardines. while the potassium is potatoes, beans, beets, cassia, plums, peaches, juice from tomatoes, soybeans, bananas, almonds.
As for the Sodium reduce salt intake. Instead, use other spices. However, there would be a good idea to suddenly stop salt foods, and should not be entirely dispensed with immediately, but gradually, to eventually ate completely unsalted food. In time you will surely get used to it. This is particularly important because of the sodium salt damages the blood vessels and can lead to stroke. sodium containing foods and ready meals, processed meat, and there are chips and so these foods should be avoided.
overweight is very often associated with high blood pressure, so take care, that if you are overweight. It would be desirable to lose weight because its risk for heart and blood vessels smaller.
Alcohol is something you should Remember that if you do not want problems with blood pressure because it increases it. But you can drink a glass of wine or any alcoholic beverage a day because it can affect the pressure, but more than that.
nicotine from cigarettes also increases blood pressure, so it would be best to stop smoking and to stay in a smoky room.
has been shown that people who drink several times a day, coffee or drinks that contain caffeine, have higher blood pressure than those who do not. and therefore the to pay special attention and only drink one cup of coffee a day.
High blood pressure is the most successful medication leaflets and contact your doctor if you mention the tips do not help. But know that even though drugs must be adhered to everything you mentioned was the pressure to normal.

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