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Pimples Treatment

Treatment Pimples

bumps appear at puberty, but also after the end of it. This is usually caused by improper diet, hormonal disorders and hygiene. Most important thing is not to treat themselves, but that should help a dermatologist.
How are the pimple?
Both men and women appearing pimples. This mostly happens during puberty and after puberty. Due to the disturbance in the functioning of the sebaceous glands resulting in pimples which develop propyonibacterium acnes bacteria. Because it is closing the opening of hair, sebaceous glands with which would normally excreted from the body content. Because the opening through which it is closed there is swelling and splash. body to defend against this reaction to the creation of works of the inflammatory process.
How to get rid of pimples?
What is the best medicine for your face, it was not to touch the pimples, but to let the dermatologist or beautician. also make it more hygiene after sminkanja clean face. Your diet should be that contains A, E, C and B vitamins. also be advised of pansies tea and milk thistle, rosemary, coconut and jojoba oil and aloe vera.
therapy for the treatment of acne
therapy is best to put you on dermatologist. If it is a local treatment, the therapy includes antibiotics, acids and retinoids. And if it is a systemic treatment in that it is generally the stronger the intensity of therapy.

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