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Treatment of anemia

Treatment of anemia

When you reduce the number of red blood cells leads to anemia or anemia.
Signs of anemia - people quickly get tired and exhausted it. In one dramatic case, the patient was pale in the face , no enthusiasm, there is dizziness, migraines, appetite is much weaker, the nails are cracked, rapid heart rate, and the organism is generally weak.
Blood tests - Guidance on laboratory analysis of blood will give the doctor general practice. This will determine the number and condition of red blood cells, hematocrit level and what quantity is present Hb - hemoglobin -. optimal amount hemogobina for males was 180 g / l, and for females 130 g / l. If the presence of hemoglobin decreased, this indicates anemia. number of erythrocytes is smaller and they rapidly break down if the hematocrit level of less than optimal.
why anemia occurs?
- red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow. Bone marrow should then be provided with vitamins, protein and iron. In the absence of sufficient amounts of these substances is a major risk of anemia.
heavy menstrual bleeding, liver damage, kidney disease, poor condition of the bone marrow also can lead to anemia. Body the necessary continuous optimal intake of iron, which is achieved by proper diet. Otherwise, there may be sideropenic anemia.
It is important for optimal digestive organs absorb, in order to maintain the amount of iron in hydrochloric acid that helps.
Pregnant women should consume large amounts of iron.
treatment - therapy involves the supply of iron. Hemoglobin helps transport oxygen to all tissues in the body. Also of importance is the immune system. why need to reduce consumption through food and do a lot of manganese, calcium, phosphorus, copper and vitamins C, B2, B11 and B12.
- include a menu in a greater amount of poultry offal, red meat dishes, egg - the yolk is of particular benefit -, nuts, green leafy vegetables and dried fruit, wheat germ, potato dishes.

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