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Each man will repeatedly be in a position to use some of the antibiotics. However, antibiotics are such that they should not use them without consulting your doctor.
This type of medication helps to cure, but it can harm the body .
- an antibiotic will help in case of inflammation of the tonsils, urinary canal and bladder infections in the intestines as well as pneumonia. Antibitici will destroy the bacteria that lead to these problems, but will not destroy the virus.
use of antibiotics is a failure if you are sick with the flu, or fungi are causing it.
Prior use of antibiotics - the analysis of blood, urine and swab from the throat and nose appointed by the bacteria present. On this basis, the doctor will recommend an appropriate antibiotic .
- antibiotics should always drink at exactly the time prescribed, the next 5 to 7 days, or longer, as recommended by a physician, if such an inflammation of the lungs. The manual you will read how many hours should to pass to the next antibiotic. with an antibiotic should not drink tea or plain water, not soda or milk. To make sure that you drink the medicine at regular intervals, you can use the alarm that you can always adjust the time in which to drink the next drug.
possible negative effects
- antibiotics kill all bacteria, friendly and enemy to our bodies. destruction of friendly bacteria in the intestines can cause diarrhea. Therefore, if you are using amoxicillin, ampicillin or a cephalosporin, therapy is supplemented with probiotics.
Some antibiotics will lead to allergic skin reactions when you expose sunlight.
Also, a big mistake cessation of therapy as soon as you notice signs of improvement. These bacteria can make the immune system and antibiotics will not be able to destroy them. Antibiotics are toxic and improper use can cause liver or kidney. fully doctors advice and will recover quickly and successfully!

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