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The treatment of headaches

Treatment of headaches

Most people suffer from headaches. To rid you of that pain, see the tips and natural remedies that you recommend that will help.
Treatment of headaches
first if you have problem with a sinus headache, you make the soup and season with pepper, parsley and rosemary. This will certainly help.
2 Apple will also help with headaches, if you eat whole and peeled.
3 can happen to you head hurts because dihidracije body, so you need to drink plenty of water, but not too cold because it also can be the cause of headaches.
4 Eat a healthy diet and be careful on some of the foods you are allergic to, so not to cause a headache. Eat regularly, otherwise it can also cause headaches.
5 Headache can be prevented by a deep breathe in fresh air.
6 in lemon juice or tea, pour a little lemon peel and chop the massage her head.
seventh Drink water with added peppermint.
8 If you are tired and need sleep it can cause headaches. Therefore it is necessary to rest in order to stop a headache.
9 of migraine Massage will help you in the shoulder, neck and head.
10th magnesium will relieve migraine with aura and migraine associated with PMS

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