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Varicose veins treatment

Varicose veins

Varicose veins can occur in different parts of the body but most commonly the legs. These veins are hard and swollen, the skin can not touch them. Skin over varicose veins is a painful time and thinner. Do this type of disorder is due weak vein walls and in women after childbirth or for people who are long of time.
flow of blood through the veins is mostly a slow section of a blood vessel is greater than the blood and also because the pressure in them is very low. For treatment is required : to avoid the long-standing, wear comfortable shoes, eat more foods rich in minerals and vitamins, do not be in contact with a heat source, use cold dressings on the sheets that you put water and vinegar - it will temporarily help -.
It also can help when you mix a rabbit 10g, 10g Arnica, Hypericum 10gr and 20gr chestnut.
Drink tea made from willow bark 20gr, 20gr St. Johns wort, rabbit 20gr, 20gr nettle.
What you can further help the The following recipe: in one liter of olive oil, add 10g marjoram, rosemary, mistletoe, St. Johns wort, cypress. Plants strong press and put into a glass jar and add a liter of olive oil. on the lid of the jar make a few holes. need to stand for twenty days in a warm place . When you pass that period, add 15 ml of extract of horse chestnut. Then each morning and evening massage the body where you have a problem with the veins.

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