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Leg cramps

Leg cramps

Crawling, indexing, and you probably like most people going to the muscles you won and why you are currently incapacitated. This may occur because of intense muscular effort, and due to improper seating position in a toga.
medicine has proven to be the main culprit for the decrease of concentration of electrolytes in the blood while losing body fluids, sweat and everything else like that leads to muscle spasms.
Doctors recommend consuming 300mg of magnesium for women and for men up to 350mg because causing convulsions and rapidly excreted from the body.
Tips for prevention of painful cramps in the legs:
first need to enter into the body of calcium, potassium and magnesium. also eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains.
2 . Drink mineral water daily practice
4 baths are also good, are recommended before bedtime
5 In normal amounts of salt use in food
6 The spasms can also help you trim hot water, honey and vinegar.
When to ask for medical help?
Contact your doctor if cramps occur several times a day, also if they occur during walking, if it lasts more than an hour and if the associated with pain from the bloodstream.

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