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An unhealthy diet is one of the causes of depression in women

An unhealthy diet is one of the causes of depression in women

Crawling, indexing experts from the University of Melbourne have warned that women who suffer from depression and anxiety may need to reassess your diet and reduce intake of processed foods. A new Australian study based on a ten-year study showed that the disturbances sentiment common among women aged 20 to 93 years, primarily consuming processed, refined foods and too fatty.
team of researchers who conducted this shy emphasized that there is no magic foods for depression, but a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains , low-fat dairy products and lean meats pleased and physical and mental health. Also, products and sweets should be eaten only occasionally.
survey research was conducted on 1 046 women. analysis of their diet, Australian experts have food, which consists mainly of burgers, garlic bread, pizza, chips, flavored milk drinks, beer and food rich in sugar, increases the risk of depression for more than 50 percent. Depression and anxiety have been shown to be about 30 percent less likely in women who ate mostly vegetables, fruits, beef, lamb, fish and products based on whole grains.
Women who are mainly fed on fruits, salads, fish, tofu products, beans, nuts, yogurt and red wine, there was no connection between eating and mood disorders.
diet has remained among the main factors that affect mood disorders, and since they take into account factors such as age, weight, social and economic status, education, physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption.
If you have a bad apetti should take up to 6 small meals a day. If you have a good appetite then try to control food intake. Women who frequently consume sweets and beverages with akofeionom should replace them with foods that contain complex carbs like ugljenje pahkjuca, wholemeal products, brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables. If uglanvom reach for meat and cured meat products, then replace them with fish. tuna, herring, salmon and sardines will particularly help to beat depression and heart from heart disease.

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