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Nutrition Check your blood pressure

Nutrition Check your blood pressure

disease of modern times have long been classified and high blood pressure, which indicates the state of your heart. This is not some harmless disease because of its complications are heart attack and stroke the most common cause of death in our region.
Nutrition is the most important way to fight because there are many foods that can lower blood pressure, or in combination with pharmacological drugs, or as a substitute for them.
first advice that suggests that people found to have high blood pressure is to reduce the amount of salt in the diet. Unsalted food is particularly recommended for patients who have high blood pressure unless problems with the kidneys and heart. According research
Rosa Feldman - Feldman Ross - University of Ontario with lower salt intake provides greater elasticity of blood vessels, while sodium the salt can damage the blood vessels of the brain and cause strokes without increasing blood pressure.
A daily glass of wine or strong drink a day have no effect on the pressure, but larger amounts of progressive and constant increase . In people who drink a lot of the cessation of alcohol intake can lead to normalization of pressure.
Most people with hypertension do not mind the coffee, but is not recommended for those pressure increases significantly when stressed. These people when under stress, have exaggerated adrenal response to caffeine, which increases blood pressure.
The ingredients used in Asian countries for lowering blood pressure, especially in patients where the pressure rises due to mental stresaDr William Eliot isolated from celery substance that lowers blood pressure, which was confirmed eksterimentom in rats.
GARLIC Garlic is on blood pressure seemed the most with its ability to relax smooth muscles of blood vessels, and so expand them. This effect is a consequence of the large content of adenosine, which is in a black bow. both raw and cooked garlic lowers the pressure, but the fresh efficiently. He is as much a drug used in Chinese folk medicine.
fish oil
In order to regulate blood pressure in most people, it takes at least three servings of fatty fish a week seafood - salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines and herring -.
Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in a roundabout way of increasing prostacyclin, which dilates blood vessels, leading to pressure drop. has a beneficial effect of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables. It acts preventively, because its deficiency leads to increased pressure. High blood pressure and stroke more common in people who bring a little vitamin C. Potassium
potassium-rich foods are baked potato, melon, avocado, Swiss chard, peach, apricot, plum, tomato juice, low fat yogurt, beans, salmon, soybeans, bananas and almonds . Inadequate intake leads to sodium retention, which increases blood pressure.

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