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Diet UN

Diet UN

years searching for the perfect, especially the successful combination of proper diet and namirniica, which will help them get rid of that pesky surplus. UN Diet, aka, the diet of the United Nations ubrso after the appearance has gained much popularity because the vast majority of cases proved to be very successful.
experts worldwide agree that this is one of najzdravjih ways to weight loss, which later will come back, especially as it does during gladoanja, and not,, instant . This diet causes weight loss in addition to changes in metabolism and lost weight can not be returned. UN
diet lasts 90 days, ie. her first part in which it is directly off pounds. protein diet always starts the day, followed by starch , carbohydrate a day, fruit day, and again protein. For every 28 days, it is necessary to have a water day, which is used for detoxification organzma. That day is drinking only water, not allowed juices, coffee, tea ... just water. After that date , the cycle begins again with a given protein. second part of the child begins this year on 91st, and he refers to the maintenance of weight to which you have in the first part of the child. Of course, if you follow in the second part, you can still skinut9i the kilogram, because you adherence to the principles of the first part, speed up your body.
sure after a fruit, and sometimes after the water, the protein continues to date. Coffee and tea can be drunk, but without sugar. Juices kept to a minimum. All of the above must to eat because it has a role in the body. Fruit is a must for breakfast, because the fastest-energizes, chocolate on the third day also, because it protects the body from possible allergies. quantities of food are higher than usual, and set our food and climate conditions.
It must be consistent and persistent. It may be that the first ten days comes to weight loss, but then suddenly lost 3-4 pounds. After 90 days of the diet, an additional 90 days for breakfast to eat fruit, while lunch and dinner return to normal diet. In this period we have to lose another 3 kg, which is an indicator of changes in metabolism. If you do not lose pounds, the diet should be repeated, but only after 3 months. It is recommended to take vitamin and minerals in order to preserve immunity. Diet and its first part, must not extend more than 90 days, only after a break of 3 months may be implemented 90 days of new baby.

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