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Foods for cold days

Foods for cold days

While flying doctors recommend that you eat fresh vegetables, various salads, cold dishes, in winter we should turn to the ingredients that stimulate circulation and warm the body and contribute to the feeling of heat, and help the body defend itself against the cold. They will warm up and strengthen your immune system and your body adapt to this cold and changeable weather.
Root vegetables Root vegetables should be eaten raw, boiled or steamed steamed water. Carrots, celery, beetroot, black and white onions, kohlrabi, and radishes are in the category korenastkog vegetables that heats the body. These foods have a low caloric value and are extremely bogateo vitamins and minerals. Root vegetables is healthy because it contains fitosupstance that help prevent cancer. In the winter it would be advisable to eat the corn .
Buckwheat Buckwheat is tradiciionalni breakfast in Russia as a great warm body. So if you this is three to four times a week you should eat breakfast porridge of buckwheat, fried ENEG you leave the house and safely your body will better apply this low temperature.
Foods origin
All foods of animal origin, including meat and eggs are among the group of foods that are heated. Vegetarians can alternatively use the high-protein soy products - tofu and tempeh, as well as an extremely powerful energy-product of wheat proteins, so called. seitan.
Coconut oil
acid containing coconut oil have a thermogenic effect, which is why these foods that will keep you warm in winter.
These acids from the intestine are due directly to the liver where it is converted into energy, rather than circulating in the form of particles of fat in the bloodstream, as is the case with most dietary fat
Storage quality of fatty acids that help regulate a disease is almond, also, this well-heated foods, and nutritionists say that 30 grams per day more than enough.
Nutmeg Nutmeg is one of the stimulating herbs that also heat the body and calm the nerves . Given that after milling rapidly loses flavor, it should be rendati immediately before use.
Pepper and Ginger
Pepper and Ginger accelerate and improve the circulation, leading to expansion of capillaries, and thus warm the body . great reason to little Zaljut daily dish. . great reason to little Zaljut daily dish.

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