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Green Tea for Beautiful Skin

Green Tea for Beautiful Skin

Green tea can be very effective for beautiful and healthy skin, so we bring you some great ways that you can use it for healthier skin.
Put a teaspoon of tea, then pour with 50 ml of water is boiling, allow to cool. Soak a cotton swab and rub the neck and face.
LOTION soft and delicate skin
in mineral water, cook the tea and add a teaspoon of sugar, thus saved lotion to anoint skin morning and night.
sensitive skin that is prone to redness, Wash your face with tea that is boiled twice.
Problem solve with the capillaries by two to three times a week place the lining of green tea in need of, and in addition, at the same time drink the tea bar.
Soak gauze green tea, put on lids and place the slices over it from cedaljke.
is scientifically proven that green tea is healthful, is known in China about 4 000 years. iodine and vitamins such as D, C, E to ensure it has the reputation of beverage eternity.
These panels hold about 15-20min. You can also use the bags already used by them to put in the fridge 10 minutes and put them on your eyes so cold. Use this procedure only if you have dark circles more pronounced.
TEA Facelift
hot tea soaked gauze, then drain and place on the face, put a towel over it. lining keeps 15-20min. use this treatment for two months, twice a week.

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