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Acne on the face

Acne on the face

Crawling, indexing about 80 percent of teenagers have acne problem, though they are, believe it or not, sometimes occur on the skin of a baby - neonatal and infantile acne.
Girls and boys, mostly aged 13 to 15 years, often suffer from acne on his face. Girls are more prone to acne earlier than boys. Certainly consolation is the fact that acne will probably disappear by entering the age of twenty. It is important to note that in girls acne sometimes can indicate polycystic ovaries.
- puberty sebaceous glands increase their work, are increasingly developing follicles. Keratin is the increasingly common in the region of the follicle opening. Thus a plug of keratin, which prevents the sebaceous gland empties. Because sebaceous glands retain fat. Fat is broken down due to the effect of enzymes by saprophytic bacteria. Then, there is a liberation of fatty acids. They affect the follicle wall and a set of surrounding cells. comes inflamed follicles and the surrounding region.
In short, increasing sebaceous gland, follicle development, the penetration of bacteria Propionibacterium acnes in the follicle, inflammation and immune reactions are the cause of acne. acne inflammation is sometimes combined with a high fever and painful joints.
addition to the vulgar acne and there radijacioeekskorije like it, which is less common. acne vulgar - acne vulgaris - are classified in several forms.
Komedonske form of acne without inflammation and that has the most blackheads. blackheads or whitehead is a closed pore. They can be black or white and are identified by their acne. comedogenic substances that promote the formation of blackhead exist even in some cosmetics. Acne created this cause are called Acne cosmetica.
Acne papulopustula milder form of inflammation. are formed from closed blackheads. may be a red papules and pustules are susceptible to fertilization .
Acne conglobata are the most complicated form of acne. Features: blackheads, scabs, cysts, papules and pustules. comes to inflammation, which penetrates deep into hair follicles, which creates a grave and deep plugs. may appear on the face, neck, upper abdomen and back.
treatment - doctor - a dermatologist will prescribe a treatment, make it a special anti-acne preparations. Improper treatment - if you treat acne on his hands - can leave scars as a result. scars will, after proper treatment, chemical peels be corrected.
Prevention - involves cleaning products for skin and body hygiene in every sense.
Council plus: sweets and salty snacks are not recommended.

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