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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant disease and usually occurs after the age of twenty. Pink ribbon is a symbol of the fight against breast cancer.
Risk factors include - the first occurrence of menstrual bleeding before 12 years, coming in 55th after menopause year; benigniteti the breast such as mastitis, mastopathy and clean, more overweight, lack of physical activity.
Studies have shown that women who had childbirth and breastfeeding, have a lower risk of developing this disease.
Breast Self-examination - one of the preventive measure. must be doing it every 30 days. woman will smoothly notice any abnormality in the breast.
development of the disease - it is very slow. To tumor reached 1 cm in diameter, it is sometimes necessary to pass the whole decade .
symptoms - changes in the breast in the form of knots, lumps, nipple tucked up, the presence of nipple discharge may be in the form of water, pus, or lymph, breast takes on a different shape and size changes.
Prevention - includes self-examination as and medical examination. doctor will review include mammography, ultrasound, palpation and biopsy. breast secretion will be analyzed.
Mammography - involves using X-ray examination. structure of both breasts will be recorded separately and the lateral and frontal side. This is the way to establish the disease in its very beginning. on mammography are referred all patients older than 50 years of age.
Ultrasound - will help to determine whether it is a benignitetu or malignancy.
puncture means - extracting a set of cells, the respective tissues with adequate medical needle bumps. over the sample test is performed. tissue can be in normal condition, sore, and can be identified and benignitet or malignancy.
biopsy - taking a small amount of breast tissue and sends it to the analysis .
exprimate - the discharge is performed cytological examination.
Timely diagnosis is essential to healing. Otherwise, unfortunately, can lead to breast amputation or even death.

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