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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Todays lifestyle has consequences such as fatigue that lasts a long time and if we were not subjected to hard work, it is chronic fatigue syndrome. This syndrome should be treated as a person who is ill will not be able to function and continue to work full capacity.
Chronic fatigue syndrome differs from ordinary fatigue so that after a good sleep we are relaxed, but if you suffer from chronic fatigue, nor will we go after the dream. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a few months but can cross in the He pulls us from our energy and work capacity are reduced.
People who suffer from this syndrome are not even aware of them as sufferers or their surroundings, and they often call them lazy. Causes this disorder are not known, but it is suspected that the decline affects the immune system, disorders of the nervous system and glands. In order to discover whether these elements are connected, and the study of genetics, social factors and Because of the unknown sample, it is difficult to establish the diagnosis most doctors and is not written, this factor is the World Health Organization recognized as a disease.
Besides fatigue, other symptoms are: Sensitive
throat, poor memory, lack of concentration, aching lymph nodes, headaches, pain in joints and muscles, hard to wake.
Some of the symptoms may be poor digestion, poor immunity, sensitive skin, depression, panic attacks, weight loss, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat.
Chronic fatigue is often referred to as depression, even if it is not, because depression is only one of the symptoms.
of this syndrome are suffering women in the forties and fifties, but also the suffering of people of all ages and even children, though rarely.
no magic DRUG
This disease occurs suddenly, often after other diseases. In 10 to 15 percent of the healing comes in 40 percent of a partial recovery. symptoms in a period of weak or disappear, but later re-occur . This disease can be minimally disruptive to normal work and life but it can totally incapacitate a person.
when the first symptoms to plow the general physician and he will direct you further after some tests. By establishing the diagnosis comes, based on a number of symptoms of the disease which are accompanied by severe physical and mental exhaustion that lasts several months and is getting worse. It is very important in establishing the diagnosis is to exclude that after some other disease.
There is no treatment that could cure this syndrome, because treatment is the simplest. Some of the symptoms such as muscle aches, joint pain, headaches can be treated with symptomatic therapy and psychotherapy. Patients must accept the situation in which there are to learn how to motivate and to work lives. They have to learn how to set goals and achieve them, to set priritete that include how and what to do. best way to prevent this disease is to lead a healthy lifestyle, proper diet with enough exercise and enough vacation.

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