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Phobias occur for no reason, creating symptoms of fear, panic. Fear is the time when accompanied avoid intimidating stimuli and thus have a fear of meeting the same.
Panic a bit part in our defense system, to form fear of danger that comes iznnada and it includes the motor, which provides us escape from dangerous situations. But in our lives that take place daily, the panic is called cowardice.
How common is this disorder?
Phobias vary some are more common. Simple phobias are phobias of the dentist, of flying, blood, a year 10% of people feel this foije. rarely have social phobia, they feel the 25 year of 1000 persons. Women are twice as many occur agrofobije than others, which the case 30 of 1000 people. Phobias occur most often between 20 and 30 years of age, are more common in women. exact number is impossible to determine phobias, studied some 200 phobias, while some believe that there are around 500
Some of the most common phobias are social phobia-irrational srah of people Entomofobija-irrational srah of insect-klaustofobija srah irrational from a narrow, small, enclosed spaces, Agrofobija-irrational fear of large and open spaces, streets, squares ...
What are the symptoms of panic attacks?
person who suffers from a phobia, you know that will come in contact or when contact with the award of the situation, things of which the color develops acute physical symptoms. There are a number of symptoms and each of these people react differently and has different symptoms.
Symptoms of panic attacks include: shortness of breath, sweating, flushing, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, trembling hands, full body, dry mouth, feeling of illness, weakness.
Panic strarhom accompanied by a sense that you will go mad or die, but this will not happen because of any panic did not die and not go insane. patient may experience a panic attack so strong that pomislti to a heart attack.
differences between phobias and fear that we all experience
People in colors such as whole life. of mice, but it never bothered and in everyday life, is not a phobia. People who suffer from phobias suffer and this fear interferes with their normal life, so they differ from ordinary fears phobias.
There are concepts and character defense izbegvanje character is the situation that could create a Phobia defense of the procedures to avoid situation.
often not we can detect whether the phobia dates back to detinjastva or a new phenomenon, often replacing other dodjedo fear a real cause of the pressure.
treatment of phobias
for treating phobias there are several ways, the most active cognitive-behavioral desentizacija therapy and, in cases of panic disorder and phobias. There are other ways, followed by relaxation, this is the first form of treatment when a person suffers from a phobia itself daizadje from that defeat and fear. In some cases need psychiatric help, medication use tranquilizers, many of these therapies have a positive effect, but as we said, the first two are most effective.
Cognitive-behavioristic therapies to explore the behaviors that lead to stressful situations and not just research pojedinaa thoughts. Behaviorists that abnormal behavior can be replaced appropriate behavior and that learning is essentially the same.
Desentizacija therapy is one of the most active, was introduced by a South African psychiatrist Joseph Wolpes. This therapy helps people learn to be relaxed in situations that cause fear in them. This therapy helps people posting less sensitive to situations that they fear, it consists of several steps: First
patient with a psychiatrist pavi hijarahijsku pyramid with situations that cause the most fear as such. person who is afraid of a mouse, on top of this pyramid will be held situacijida spiders. Then with the help of therapy where the therapist relaxes on a patient asks him to imagine the situation from the pyramid to the terrible for example. to imagine that the mouse is away on him and then him coming, in the case the patient becomes anxious, the therapist will tell him to stop thinking about it, this procedure can be repeated several times to free from fear, even when the thought of such a situation.
followed by treatment of the patient to cope with situations that cause fear The therapist will show the patient how to behave and deal with the situation. example. will take place the patient on a mouse, should be approached him and touch him. This method is not always feasible, there are some irrational fears that can not be modeled .

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