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Crawling, indexing reaction to the threat or fear is anxiety, a vague and perhaps unknown.
Reactions that describe the anxiety include: rapid heartbeat, stomach distress, sweating, unwanted thoughts. See who you recommend natural medicines order to overcome anxiety.
first hot bath ready, it will relax you and rid of unwanted thoughts. Use and lavender oils to soothe the nerves.
2 Slow down and deepen breathing. You do this as you sit and put your hand on your stomach, inhale gently so that you feel under the hand of the spread of the stomach. It is important that your shoulders still. hold your breath from four to five seconds and then exhale.
third drug that is good for insomnia is a cup of warm milk and hops. In a glass of hot water, add two teaspoons of dried herb. Drink three cups daily of tea for calming.
4 daily drink one cup of coca-cola, coffee and tea, not more than that because people who have symptoms anxiety are sensitive to caffeine. Do not go overboard with alcohol consumption.
5 Choose an aerobic exercise or meditation to relieve the anxiety.
If you have poor concentration or nervous a lot of time or can not sleep as well and if you feel that you or others to hurt yourself, get professional help to talk about their problems.

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