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Eating disorders

Eating disorders

life span of man was extended thanks to modern lifestyles, has contributed the most to health. But for some modern things wrong conceptions of beauty and many young women have an eating disorder also suffer from anorexia or bulimia.
- as a result of malnutrition, an eating disorder that is caused by some other psychological problem. person suffering from anorexia do not see the true picture of its weight, but still that is overweight. Because of these unrealistic images, they are starving , using a child to be thinner and thus bring their health at great risk, the consequences can be bogubne health.
Anorexia is a serious matter, even 15% will die from this disorder. Most affected girls in puberty and young Women. sufferer feeling cold, dizziness, weakness and sometimes the girls come up to the period is due. People bring their bodies to exhaustion and given less food, but nevertheless, their threads are usually just about nutrition and appearance. When it comes to physical complications that occur are low blood pressure, low sex ormona, slowed heart rate, anemia, weak bones that can cause disease and fractures from osteoporosis, a disorder in the work of the vital organs-kidneys, liver - dental caries.
It as soon as possible to begin treatment and to take into account all factors that may be the cause and consequences of this disorder, because the following physical and psychological symptoms.
- from this disorder suffer most women. disorder is reflected in way, excessive appetite, then there is a glut which follows guilt so that people with this disorder opt for vomiting and various diets. vaj disorder follows the desire for good looks but no denial of food. These people think they are fat even though they have good weight and still go to it to lose weight. Patients with bulimia sometimes leads to depression, excessive intake of drugs, sexuality disorders.
If it starts at the time of treatment can lead to very bad outcomes. What are detected before the start treatment the better the chances of a cure, let the length requirement and that the person is cured because vomiting destroys metabolism and compromises health.
compulsive eating
- is also an eating disorder, caused by an attack of hunger where there is a loss control over the amount of food eaten and the consequences of this disorder is the excessive weight.
1/3 of patients with this disorder are men. When it comes to uncontrolled eating sick person has a sense of guilt, and sometimes this behavior can lead to depression and a person. To treatment to be successful must include psychological and sociological factors to the successful operation of the treatment to sick people regained control of the intake of food and to feel well.
This disorder is closely associated with some psychological problems and ill people is usually alone when it comes to prejedenja. Every sick person is treated differently, depending on the mental condition and a weight problem, so that treatment can last from one year to several years.

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