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Chickenpox or chicken pox is included among the ailments that are commonly recovered from childhood, but it often happens that they occur among adults, especially pregnant women, and to create a serious problem in the body. Scientifically proven the older you get, harder to tolerate smallpox infection of any kind. If you did not catch the disease in the youngest age, say in kindergarten, as an adult you can have some complications.
occurrence of chickenpox begin gradually. First appearance of hives on the body with water blisters, which soon burst and begin to cross the stage scabs. before the first symptoms, the most commonly infected several days listless, lose appetite, or has temperature. Only after a few days started to appear the first real symptoms as red dots itchy. These red patches are usually first appear on the face and trunk, and then spread in a lining of the mouth and throat, hairy part of head, and finally to the arms and legs. incubation period, or time period that passes from the virus in the body, until the first signs of illness lasts from 18 to 21 days.
Chickenpox is a type of infection that is spread by droplets of saliva or sweat, so the virus can spread easily, even if only in the same room with the infected. Some people easily infected in this way, while others even though they may have had close contact with infected, do not get smallpox. Such persons may have an innate immunity to this type of infection, although this type of disease that comes once in a lifetime, immunity may be inherited from a family member.
There is no specific cure for smallpox. It is recommended that this disease never recovered from, at their feet, but strictly quiescent. Also, scratching blisters can be very dangerous because it can lead to infection, and because so much scratching of the body may appear ugly scars.
There is a misconception that bathing during measles may harm, however, it is allowed in this case, even advisable. This does not mean that self long hot bath, but to be refreshed periodically with warm water, no, and aggressive bath and shampoo. After bathing Kodjo not to rub it but soak up the water gently patting towel. in pharmacies is buying special powders that are applied to clean skin that can ease the itching.

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