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Inflammation of the sinuses


role of the sinuses is to reduce the weight of the bones of the head. Sinuses are wrapped in mucous membrane that secretes mucus, the nasal cavity are connected. Sinusitis is called sinusitis.
Causes inflammation - cause of inflammation is usually a viral infection that is. Flu . If the channels that connect the sinuses to the nose, clogged sinuses, then the mucus collects ii standing might be infected. It can occur in people who have polyps or septal deviation.
most common symptoms - older people depend on which sinuses affected. mainly occurs most toothache, headache and facial pain sensitivity.
Self inhalation - for sore throats and sinus will help you inhaling hot water. Moisture in steam is easy to purify the upper parts of the respiratory tract because it softens the secretions that are in them located.
bowl pour 1/3 of hot water, hold your head over it and cover with towel and inhale a few minutes by steam. In the water you can pour a few drops of herbal essential oils.

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