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Hamam Turkish Bath

Hamam Turkish Bath.
Hamam, Truska or steam bath is the perfect choice for relaxation after a stressful day or just for the purification of the body

Hamam, Truska or steam bath is the perfect choice for relaxation after a stressful day or just for the purification of the body. Stay in the room where the air is saturated with moisture and temperatures to 50 degrees Celsius a great influence on the refreshment of the body and brilliance of our skin ...
Turkish bath comes from the Middle East, and the place destined for the hamam mainly decorated in oriental style, in order to have the impression that you are in the midst of their culture.
Turkish bath for a few basic rules:

1 - First of all, be sure to take a shower before entering the room.
2 - The hamam is never entered naked, but in a towel or bathing suit, and you can take with you a towel.
3 - In every room there are several levels of seating, so if you are not sure how much this feels kind of relaxation, it is advisable to start from the first step. If you feel good, after 5 minutes go to the next step. Otherwise, if you do not agree to stay air saturated with steam, before leaving the steam bath.
4 - Proper exercise lasts 20 minutes, after which to take a shower.
5 - Be sure to go shower with lukewarm to cold water so that the body was stimulated.
6 - After living in the hammam is recommended that you consume plenty of fluids and good nourish skin moisturizer.
Most SPA center has rooms for relaxation, where you can relax again to stay in the steam bath. Never start the next treatment if you the body is still warm, because if you do, there is a danger of overloading the circulation. If the body after the steam bath is not properly cooled down Do not repeat treatment, and be careful!
history of the steam bath extends far back into history. popular in ancient Greece, steam bath was gradually accepted by the Romans under the name Sudatorium which has become a vital part of the Roman baths throughout the whole period of the reign of the Roman Empire. While steam baths were built in Europe, their expansion was initially limited, but the development steam technology it became possible to install steam bath almost anywhere with a reasonable price.

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