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Sea salt in your bath

Sea salt in your bathroom.
Cosmetic sea for asthma that you have the bathroom, make sure you add and natural medicines based on sea salt

Sea cosmetics for asthma that you have the bathroom, make sure you add and natural medicines based on marine salts.
Funds that contain sea salt have a multiplier effect on your body. It will improve your skin and general condition your body. Besides the effect of salt on female beauty are revealed even Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba, who is regularly bathed in the Dead Sea. Today, products based on sea salt is an integral part in modern cosmetic and wellness centers. So you do not have to go Sea to enjoy its beauty, it is enough to stop the trade better supplied to the nearest store or wellness center.
Here are the reasons why you should give yourself a bath containing sea salt.
One of the best balm for your skin is sea salt. With its ingredients, algae, and salt platonitima these natural medicines will certainly contribute to making your skin look much younger. Sea salt makes skin stronger, because drains excess water, so skin is not only strong but also is the softer, firmer, and of course healthier. skin will also be as smooth as the minerals from sea salts bind to the cells of the skin, it will look rejuvenated and velvety.
Besides the impact on your skin sea salt stimulates your metabolism or affect the discharge of harmful substances. If you regularly use prepratae shower containing sea salt they will encourage weight loss and lead to a reduction in cellulite. your tkovo will be regenerated, and sea salt will calm the inflammation and scaling.
Build it yourself bath
If you want to feel as if you are at sea, then give yourself a bath. Two full tablespoons salt pour into your bath, it was cold to enjoy warm, about 15 minutes, not more. This bath will relax and strengthen your immune system.

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