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Training for beginners

Training for beginners.
Training for beginners to refer to club members who have trained for 8-13 months, those who are not regular in coaching, or do not know what and why the training program

Training for beginners to refer to club members who have trained for 8-13 months, those who are not regular in coaching, or do not know what and why the training program - to the beginners.
If you start to deal with a specific segment - design, mass, Micic, back, shoulders - need to look at some of the basics on which to base specific training discipline.
basic prerequisite for an increase to any parameter of fitness - muscular strength, range, endurance, etc. - is exposing muscle strain more than the previous.
General beginner training is for the bodys adjustment to physical exertion, exercise, activities, and also strengthens the muscles, creating a certain condition, later formed the body and you will become aware that without training, you could not work. We start with the basic exercises that are most effective and most practical and drive more misc.
A beginners training - a series of repetitions x -: Pull-ups / pull in front of the head latu 3 × 10-12, Bench Press 3 x 10-12, Shoulder Thrust 2 × 10-12, with the thrust of the forehead 2 × 10-12, standing barbell curls 2 x 10-12, Squat 3 × 10-12, Lifting the leg on the shaft 3 × 10-12
break the 60 - 120s, and this training is done every third day. should start with a weight that you can perform 12 reps, your goal is to have them in all three series do, when to reach, increase your weight. Before each exercise warm-up run with weights around 50% of weight you use in your work shows, the number ponavljanja12-15. Before training is generally warm - basic stretching exercises -. After a three week break to increase the 180s, so 3 weeks and over again, only this time pause 60s, and so the form cycles. Beginners who have not undergone exercise load, the load 35% -40% of max max leads to adaptive changes the organism does not take a heavy weight at the beginning.
Pre exercises with weights, you can do warm-up on stationary bike, stepper, Elliptical or bar - if desired - a period of 10 min.
beginners training more complex:
Phase I - Chest: dumbbell thrust on a flat bench, Pec Deck flying, Back: rowing, the lat pull-mapini front of the head; Biceps: biceps curls on the bottom coil cross-machine; Triceps: thrust; Shoulders: dumbbell front raise for shoulders, legs: extensions.
Stage II - Chest: thrust with the incline dumbbell bench Pec Deck fly , Back: rowing a dumbbell, hyperextension, Biceps: alternating curls with dumbbells; Triceps: triceps extensions; Shoulders: Lateral raise; Legs: curls for hamstrings.
Do each exercise in 3 sets of 12 repetitions. Making a break between exercises. training should last no longer than 45 minutes. After all, do cardio training in one of the cardiac devices, which will run from 15-30min. Finally, do stretching the entire body.
course all the more and longer train and improve it, move on to more complex workouts or create your own training schedule changing, and

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