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Training for tiles

Training for the tiles.
Working muscle is the most information gathered by the research of human corpses

working muscle is the most information gathered by the research of human corpses. Modern science has led to the conclusion that the function abdomenalnih muscle flexion and spine stabilization of the spine that does not bend. Its just performing sit-ups or any other movement required to bound up the lower back. If you want better results, you need to train the abdominal muscles on the basis of exercises for stability.
To strengthen and stabilize the body, and developed a remarkable tiles you can do this type of training. For best results, select training in accordance Your well trained to the level - beginner, intermediate, advanced - and do it 2 times a week.
Beginner level training
1 - Bridge on elbows - push-up position, elbows bent, the weight resting on your forearms. body formed right. Tighten the abdominal muscles. reserves the 30s, 30s holiday. Repeat the exercise.
2 - climber with his hands on the bench - press-up position with hands on the bench, brace your abs and slowly lift your left knee toward your chest. Retain 2s, slowly lower, repeat the same with the right foot. Alternate for a break and 30s. Repeat.
3 - Side Bridge - Lie on your left side, raise the torso to the left forearm. raise your hips to the body forms a straight line from ankles to shoulders. Tighten abdominal muscles and hold for 30s. Turn over and repeat. Holidays 30. Do one more series.
Intermediate training
1 - Most of your feet - beginners version of the exercise - over - but both feet on the bench.
2 - climber hands on pilates ball - beginners version of the exercises, hands on pilates ball.
3 - Side bridge with your feet up - beginners version of the exercise, but both feet on the bench.
Advanced Training
1 - After Bridge - Beginners version of the exercise, but put your hands 15-20cm in front of the shoulder.
2 - Switch on pilates ball - from the press-up position, with their feet on the pilates ball, raise your hips, zakotrljati the ball forward. Do 2 sets x 15 reps with pauses and 30s.
3 - Side bridge on one leg - beginners version of this exercise, but when youre in position, lift the upper leg and hold it raised during the exercise.
Abs are crucial in forming the tiles on the belly. train your abs 2-3 times a week, at the beginning or end of training, in the block and every other kind of training do sit-ups. This prevents laziness sit-ups.
Perform block 3-5 exercises with 15-20 repetitions. not work shorter version. whole movement, slowly concentrated.

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