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Muscle Growth to speed it up?

Muscle Growth

beginnings of deliberate growth of muscle - bodybuilding dating from the eleventh century, when India first weights are made of carved stone called Nals and athletes have used them as props. Today, an example of the deliberate growth of muscle - bodybuilding - a film actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. his first medal in a competition in bodybuilding won in 1970. and from then until now has not lost his brilliant form. Changing the speed of repeat series is a proven method of safe muscle growth so you can quickly get in shape for the big competitions.
1 - Do slow reps to make your muscles work harder without using momentum. Practice slow twitch muscles through the rotation, press and lift loads that are 50 to 70% by weight or by booting at normal speed. Do as many reps to slow the moment when your body can not withstand. You should feel muscle fatigue after a slow series of performances.
2 - Choose a weight that allows you to perform high speed 5 repetitions before fatigue. Concentrate on performing each repetition, control muscle correct approach and attitude. a break of one minute after each series by doing 3 sets.
3 - Select a weight that you can effortlessly pick up 25 to 30 times even though they may not rise quite so often. Do three sets of 3 to 5 ending the repetition of the exercise quickly. back to the weight of the starting position is very slow and controlled. brzopotezno Exercise your muscles - explosive - repeat while doing this you may feel you do not have enough space to make a difference. It is about how to quickly and easily repeated significantly increase your strength.
4 - Vary the speed of execution is always keeping in mind that you are doing a series of high speed performance between a series of intense speed.

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