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How to be stronger?

How to be stronger?.
Physical strength is a major component of physical fitness

Physical strength is a major component of physical fitness. As in other spheres, if you want to become stronger to require effort on many fronts. But as every man is unique in its genetic structure, predispositions, and lifestyle so there is no combination of key factors that will lead to increased muscle mass and strength. However, there are some ways to increase your fitness
fast or slow muscle fibers
muscles differ among the three species that can be reinforced with different exercises. fast muscle fibers - fast twitch muscles or muscle type 1 - the muscles in which fibers produce their explosive energy that of a sprint. slow twitch muscle fibers - slow twitch muscles-can be divided into two podgupe and produce less explosive power for a longer delivery period. power or ability to respond quickly to a stimulus relies heavily on well-developed fast muscle fibers, while endurance or potential for regen to sustain an effort is usually well developed in slow muscle fibers.
Exercise When you exercise for a long time lifting weights does not strain your muscles order to increase your maximum stamina. This effort splits the muscles and the body replaces them with new, more powerful than before. To achieve this effect it is necessary to properly practice to send a message to your nervous system so your body is under constant stress and it needs new fibers that could withstand such an effort. Resistance training consists of a series of weightlifting exercises sufficient to exert the muscles out of their daily efforts, but so as not to damage the muscle fibers. A good rule is that the number of repetitions per set is not moving less than 8 and no more of 12 Food
After exercise your body starts to compensate for supply of muscle tissue. To give your body extra muscle to make it more powerful it is necessary to insert extra protein in your diet. Protein is the main ingredient in poultry, fish, steak and pork. If you avoid meat protein can be found in nuts, legumes, eggs, rice and milk. Of course, the meat is still the best choice of protein. Try entering 0th at least 8 grams of protein per pound of their own weight - this is a minimum in order to have adequate protein intake. All that you go directly into muscle if you exercise izdgradnju.
Rest Rest is a key part of the exercise of power. When you exercise and then eat your body begins the process of building the damaged muscle tissue. This is mainly a process which should be a day or two, so during this period should not exercise the same muscle group. Exercise has exhausted muscle only increases the damage caused and actually neutralize all the benefits of training. Food which you enter go straight to repair the damage before rather than building new muscle tissue.

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