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Eat cheese

Eat the cheese.
Cheese produced from cows milk and the star is about 8 days

Crawling, indexing new cheese produced from cows milk and the star is about 8 days. Usually manufactured in the form of slices. Fresh cheese is very present in the diet, primarily because of its mild flavor and an enticing mild.
New cheese Nearly all the food gourmets, but also can be included in the program because of the large number of diet a little carbohydrate colic. Cheese is made from partially skimmed pasteurized milk with reduced fat and salt.
source is milk protein, and the specific methods of development, especially the high content of albumin and globulin called. whey protein. As a product of high nutritional value is for all categories
Seven reasons why you should eat young sir:
first new cheese is nepohodan part of your diet as it is made from milk with as much as 4% fat and has very few calories, about 90 per serving of 100 grams. the course is sold and the light version with even fewer calories.
2 thereof has regularly consume it Athletes, especially bodybuilders because it is the right storage proteins. Of course, a lot of behind the meat or fish meat, but is one of the best sources nemesantih protein with high biological value ..
3 alleviates hunger for a longer period of time and is an excellent choice as snack or meal before bed.
4 contains a very small amount of carbohydrates.
5 abounds klacijumom which is essential for bone formation and maintenance of normal blood pressure.
6 Cottage cheese can be used as a healthy, lower fat substitute for other fatty cheese, or serve as a basis for a tasty sauce that coexistence is healthy for the heart.
seventh may be used in combination with fruit or cream instead of a baked potato. also an excellent choice as favor with the addition of seasonal greens.
Energy value 100g of product: 539kJ / 128KCAL and 100 g cottage cheese contains on average: •
• 6.5% of dry matter 26.69% •
protein 12.27% • 5.30% lactose
In any case, enjoy the qualities of a young fresh cheese.

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