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The benefits of swimming

The benefits of swimming.
Swimming is a sport that is beneficial to our whole body

Swimming is a sport that is beneficial to our whole body. There are many benefits of swimming.
One of the strengths of swimming is that it can enjoy and that you do not mind the heat does not bother you, and without the and cool. It is a kind of physical activities that positively affect your health and your entire body.
Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it improves the work of all organs, especially the heart and its misinja, stabilizes blood pressure and strengthen the entire cardiovascular system .
Swimming increases lung capacity, can be treated with bronchial asthma in combination with drugs and increases airway patency.
it is used to correct spinal deformities, in the case where a person is bent at an example. spinal column is a disburdened trunk muscles are maximally engaged.
Swimming is especially useful in case of joint disease because it contributes to improving the coordination of movement, reduce pain and swelling, and other disorders of bone joints and improves their mobility.
Swimming can contribute to the treatment of sugar because insulin polesti fall during swimming.
It seems relaxing the nervous system.
Swimming is the training which is training the arms, legs, back, shoulders, chest and buttocks, which means the entire musculature of the body, so that it can lead to remarkable lines and build. So, regular training of swimming you can come to the ideal figure because it engaged all the muscles and thus are defined.
Depending on the style of swimming comes to burning calories or less, and thus to weight loss.
In some cases, such as infected with disease, fever, sores on the body, in the case of epilepsy, hypertension and so expressed. swimming is prohibited. Sick persons should consult with a physician or a physiatrist and only swim on their recommendation.
Swimming is recommended about 3 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes per session. Before entering the pool, showering is a desirable and advisable to warm up. It consists in stretching the legs and arms or just running. When you enter the water, it takes a little heat in the place of muscle cramps or swimming in place.
Swimming should start slowly, and then to increase the pace and intensity of swimming speed and eventually return to swimming slowly, with little effort.
Swimming is more effective than exercise on land because water provides more resistance than air, so the swimming compared to running spends roughly four times more energy for the same distance.
Therefore, swimming favorably affect both the appearance and health, so we recommend that whenever you are able to go to the pool or sea view and swimming.
You will be in the form, shall maintain fitness and relieve stress.

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