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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


Training design

Training design.
Almost everyone wants to have beautiful and healthy body is formed

Almost everyone wants to have beautiful and healthy body is shaped.
Training molding is used for forming muscle, bone, and it looks like - hunched shoulders, the spine curve, crooked legs / feet .. -. Desired effect expected If you follow the proper forms. For beginners, it is important to consult with a trainer. At the beginning of measure your weight, height, volume and determine the percentage of body fat.
There are so called. circuit training to design, universal for men and women, In a short period of time shape the body. This type of training is tailored to the gym 3x a week with rest between reps 30s, 3min between exercises. body parts are trained by muscle groups. important is proper nutrition, the body receives calories before and after training.
I. - Bicycle / tape 10min, II. - Quads 3 × 8ponav., III. - hamstrings 4x12ponav., IV-hip machine 3 × 10ponav., V. - pek dek 3 × 10ponav., VI. - lat machine behind the head 4 × 8ponav, VII. - the thrust front shoulder dumbbell 3 × 10ponav., VIII. - standing biceps curl alternating 3 × 10ponav., IX. - Triceps thrust behind your head 3 × 10ponav, X. - Bicycle / tape 10 - 15min, XI. - Stepper 2 × 2min, XII. - Twister 2 × 2min combined fast-slow, XIII. - hyperextension 3 × 10 repetitions, XIV. - crunches
Other training is complex, takes along with heating, 60 min, It is performed 6-12 weeks. Days not intended for training with weights, or after training, do aerobic exercise 35min such as jogging, special stepper in the gym, exercise bike.
Training design for men

Monday-Wednesday-Friday, with the arbitrary execution of aerobic exercise. All exercises are performed in 4 series. Squats - 6 to 8 re., 60 holidays, Bench-press - 6 to 8 re., 60s rest, Bent - 6 to 8 re., 60s rest, thrust rod behind your head - 6 to 8 re., 60s rest, Biceps - 6 to 8 re., 40s rest, lying Triceps - 6 to 8 re., 40s rest, leaves standing - 15 and 20 re., 30s rest, abdominal contractions - 35 to 40 re., 30s holiday.
Training design for women
Monday-Wednesday-Friday, at least once a week to do aerobic exercise at least 30 minutes. All exercises performed in 3 sets, except that squats are the 4 series. time of rest for all exercises is 30. Squats 15-20 reps, 15-20 reps Leg curl, Bench-press on an incline bench 15-20 repetitions, pulling the breast pulleys 15-20 reps Standing dumbbell 15-20 reps, 20-30 reps crunch, lifting your feet on the bench 15-20 repetitions, leaves standing 15-20 repetitions.
between each exercise in each workout to shape, preferably the work of two sets of light weight. It is at least 15 minutes warming up at the beginning of training, in the form of stretching exercises and aerobic exercises, and 10 minutes performing physical exercises at the end of training.

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