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Power Training

Power Training.
Power is the ability to overcome external resistance, with the contraction of large and small loads

Power is the ability to overcome external resistance, with the contraction of large and small loads. There are many forms of power, a combination of endurance and strength endurance is in effect - crunches - a combination of strength and speed, explosive power - jump throw - or a quick force - a series of sudden fast movements: sprinting, jumping straight -.
Power is the ability of rapid manifestation of force which is necessary for a quick start, stop, re-acceleration, jump. manifestation of power and strength depends on the cross-sectional muscle , on increasing training in the gym.
Strength training helps speed up metabolism, firming muscles. strengthen the firmness of bone, increases energy, improves health by reducing risk factors-high blood pressure and increased cholesterol. prevents the formation and breaking speed barriers.
If you are an athlete, training required before a consultation with your doctor.
for training needs: a pair of dumbbells - Weightlifting - firmly stand, step - 20cm high -.
Strength Training
o Flying over rows - bent at the hip at 90 degrees, elbows slightly bent, holding dumbbells below the navel, lift weights, go to your elbows outward, strained abdominal muscle.
handed curls - arms along the body, thumbs set to show forward, slowly raise the weights. Work alternately with both hands.
o Push-ups - the first type: the knees on the floor, hands on the podium in the plane of the shoulder. Drop down and pick up; another type: All the same, just rely on your feet step, and hands on the floor.
the dumbbell lateral raise - slightly bent at the hip while holding the weights with your elbows bent, lift weights to the outside, to come to the same level with your shoulders.
on the decline - sit in front of the stairs, rely hands on the edge, slowly lift and lower your trying not to touch the ground.
the Presses - stand up straight and keep the dumbbells just above shoulder level, slowly lift and lower weights, keeping the wrists in a neutral position.
on Bicycle - lying down, elbows out, shoulders lifted off with the help of abdominal muscles legs to imitate riding a bike, rotate the torso and one to the other side.
Raising the legs back - standing, bent at the hips leaning his hands on the podium. raise the leg backwards. When you boot off the feet max, keep 5s, slightly lower.
on Expansion - corrected by holding dumbbells in your hands, make a big step forward and slowly bend the knee his legs. Repeat with other leg.
on Squats - holding weights above shoulder feet apart in line with the knees, hips down until they reach the level of the knees, back and neck to keep upright, do not look down.
Splice repeat the exercise 2-3 times a week. Each exercise is repeated at least 24 times.
Starting strength is the ability to lift loads in idle max acceleration. To lift the weight from the ground to snatch, take the bottom off the bench while doing box squats - squats with it on the bench. then bench press with a pause on the chest.
If you want to extreme and professional training, contact the fitness coach who will be based on your ability to choose the appropriate strength training for you.

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