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Jumps in figure skating

Jumps in figure skating.
In figure skating, there are many types of schools and the public are indetifikuje in that it is necessary to reject an ice skater and rotates in the air

In figure skating, there are many types of schools and the public are indetifikuje in that it is necessary to reject an ice skater and rotates in the air. Slider during execution should jump is more than ice, and then munjevitorotira in the air, and eventually as much as possible rather down to earth.
enough slider to rotate in a clockwise direction before the jump, though but a small portion of the slider with equal success rate can not jump before rotating it in both directions.
Types rebounds
skater, there are six major jumps distinctness which is divided into two categories. First of all we have a category that begins with a jump and the top edge of his flat. ordered from easiest to to the toe loop, then flip the most difficult to perform lutz
jumps that are made using a flat blade of the skates are Salchow, then Loop and Axel.
So every time you make the slider jump in the air number of rotations, Bod which determines whether the jump to be a single, double, triple, or even Most elite male skaters performed triple and quadruple jumps as core while the elite skaters perform all but the triple Axel, which is usually just a double. Only a very skilled skater can successfully perform a triple Axel in competition.
One variation, known as Tano, is more complicated than the simple jump, because the slider holding one arm raised high above his head while jumping. name is assigned by the slider Brian Boitano, who made a triple lutz with a raised arm, and so remembered.
There are a number of jumps to be performed only as a single leap but they are typical of a combination of positive and visibly improve the program while the real introduction to the sequence of steps.
To jump was more successful and better, is often used in combination. To call the series of jumps Kögl combination of each jump must be natsvi immediately after the previous, should not include any steps, nor turns, even a change of angles between the jumps.

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