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Everything you know about skiing

All that you did not know about skiing.
Skiing very word is derived from Iceland, and means snow shoes or piece of wood

The word
skiing is derived from Iceland, and means snow shoes or piece of wood. Although the skiing sport generally considered the modern era, this kind of exercise of its core roots far back in time.
Some historians argue that it originated in the Stone Age, because they found old drawings that showed people skiing. The skiing is one of the oldest forms of travel known to man. Skiing is a way of moving surfaces use skis that ski bindings attached to the legs of skiers . Skiing is only in the 20th century, grew into a popular way of recreation and sport. In addition to skiing on snow, it is known, and water skiing.
Oldest Oldest
skis skis that are known, were long and convoluted, often made from animal bones. skiing techniques at that time are likely to resemble the way of skiing, which we call cross-country skiing or Nordic ski disciplines.
Child skiing
As a sport, skiing has appeared in the Norwegian province of Telemark . Morgedal town in the area known as the cradle of skiing. Since the end of a long remained under the snow, the man was traveling with skis. They were impassable for going hunting or to the mountains to capture wild animals, but because of the huge amount of snegaskijama locals and went to the market or to visit friends.
Father of modern skiing is considered Norways Sondre Norheim. He was in the 19th century constructed ski boat that allowed management skis, and the technique that is now nazivatelemark. Subsequent training and cross-connections ski boots or ski boots, have led to the further development of skiing and the emergence of the so-called. alpine skiing disciplines.
the early years of the 20th century, Austrian Hannes Schneider prezentovaoo the operation of your ski rotation of the upper body which is called the Arlberg technique - named after the area in which he grew up - very quickly spread as a popular recreation and sport.
It is skiing on snow widespread form of recreation and competitive sport.

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