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Perhaps not too popular in our area, but certainly a very respected international sport is kayaking

Perhaps not too popular in our area, but certainly a very respected international sport is kayaking. Kayaking is a sport and recreation industry in which athletes are sitting in a kayak or kneel in the canoe. Turn the face to the direction of the drive, and run the oar that is not relying on the boat, but it keeps the hands free.
History kayaks
Scottish lawyer and adventurer John McGregor made in the 19th century, the first sports kayak modeled on vessels that are used by Eskimos and just he is considered the father of todays kayaking. McGregor in 1866. founded the Royal Canoe Club, and two years later organized the first official competition. McGregor was his first kayak called Rob Roy, the hero of the novel by Walter Sccota. This name is used for later years All boats of this form and purpose, both in Europe and in America. From London to the present day, kayaking has experienced drastic changes in technology, but the essence remained the same. It is a narrow, lightweight boat, which is using the paddles, powered by its own exclusive power ...
• kayak was a long 457 cm wide and 76 cm in size very similar to todays kayaks. Such a kayak, canned, preserved Royal Canoe Club in England, which was founded in 1866th years. and is considered kayaking the oldest club in the world.
• The first kayak race held in 1867. year on the Thames, and it is organized Canoe Club of London - 1875. god. Queen Victoria issued a permit to mention the club can call the Royal Canoe Club -.
• Kayaking and canoeing are scheduled for the Olympics were in Berlin 1936., and of London in 1948. The worlds most important sporting event and compete in women.
• Kayak on the Games in 1924. In was a demonstration sport. In that city in 1933. organized the first European championship.
• kayakers and canoeists were before World War II several times to organize an international association, and the official International Federation was founded in 1946.
There are several types of kayaks, so distinguish:
• Kayak Flatwater Marathon
• • •
Slalom Kayaking on white water
Polo • • • Dragon boat

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