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Water Ballet

Water Ballet.
Ballet sinhorno water or swimming may not be as popular as say white sport or tennis, but it is certain that he recently started to develop

Crawling, indexing on the Ballet sinhorno water or swimming may not be as popular as say white sport or tennis, but it is certain that he recently started to develop. Sinhorni swimmers this type of activity through the joke and briefly described as a play on the water where are the basic steps of the head down and feet up.
Essentially this is a sport designed mainly girls, where there is no goal of setting goals such as in football, but how they like to say everything is just emotion of the moment of entering the water by the end of the composition. However, although still predominantly a female sport, synchronized swimming has been created in the late nineteenth century and then the athletes were male.
Synchronized Swimming, known as water ballet is an Olympic sport that combines multiple sports in itself . First of all, it includes swimming, gymnastics, then, of course, the steps of ballet, acrobatics and diving. While the eye of an ordinary observer looks very nice even the little simple if you ask any of the swimmers sihronig you to this form of trespass and other requirements such as lot commitment, especially if you decide that you do it professionally, because this is still olimpjski sport and not just playing in the pool. It takes a lot of sacrifice as a professional dealing with anything that takes first place abnormal amount of time. Sometimes the training and to spend six hours a day repeating the same figure. In the regular program of the Olympic Games since 1984. the ballet to keep even one of the most Olympic events.
synchronized swimming at the FINA within the organization, together with all water sports and has three events: the figures - they most of them under categories -, technical bands - a lot heavier and designed for seniors performances - and free compositions. Figure
to work individually, while the bands are working in the disciplines solo - performed by only one athlete - a duet - two contestants - the team - included a group of eight - and at the end of the combination - from four to ten competitors in the water running figure -.

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