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Sport and recreation

Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


Sports recreation as an effective remedy

Sports recreation as an effective remedy.
Sports recreation programs achieve multiple positive effect on the body of modern man

Recreational Sports Programs
achieve multiple positive effect on the body of modern man. Effects of Recreational Sports, in essence, can manifest themselves in two directions: Home - prevention, protection, and raising the general level: health, physical, functional and work capacity, efficient rest, recuperation, relaxation, entertainment and recreation; selective Home - target impacts: prevention and / or mitigation of acute fatigue, rest, recovery, prevention, mitigation and / or elimination of chronic fatigue - antizamor programs - ; optimization of body weight - prevention and treatment of obesity; optimization locomotor system - prevention, mitigation and / or elimination of tension and pain, and general local character; optimization of cardio-vascular system - strengthening the heart muscle, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, anti-stress programs - prevention, mitigation and / or removal of the neuro-emotional tension: a general improvement reducing anxiety and depressive states, reducing the sensitivity of the nervous system to stress, relax, relax.
If we want to preserve health, improve skills, prevent, mitigate and eliminate many health problems and interference, to feel better, easier and more we do, we must endeavor to remove or put under control morbogene factors - smoking, alcohol, stress injuries and other factors that threaten health, and increase the impact of factors that protect and promote health. systematic practice , the proper selection of appropriate exercise programs and sports recreation is physiologically the most effective and most natural way of preserving and improving health.
movement is an important feature of life. Therefore, the muscle activity of the best physiological way to stimulate the bodys various systems. During muscle activity involved in all organic systems, intensifying the metabolism - Oxygen consumption increases, intezviraju certain biochemical and physiological processes. organism complex biochemical, physiological and psychological reactions corresponds to the applied load. It is a fast - instantaneous adaptation of the organism to the applied load during sports and recreation programs. Quick adaptive changes occur at the level of physiological adaptation mechanisms. Multiple - the systematic repetition of appropriate sport and recreation program is provided dugortrajna - stable adaptations, which are characterized by morphofunctional structural changes at the level of cell structures, tissues, organs, and certain organ systems. At the same time improve the mechanisms regulation both in the work of individual organs, organ systems and organism as a whole.
influence of muscle activity is so deep and versatile activity that changes the genetic apparatus, substantially affect the bioseintezu protein. Muscle protein is broken down with the continuous pace. Period poluraspadanja these proteins is 30 days. This means that every 30 days to dissolve 50% of our muscle proteins. At the same time it is the synthesis of new proteins. However, the intensity of synthesis of new muscle proteins was not constants. It depends on the extent, nature and intensity of muscle activity or process of trophic muscle. If the muscles are inactive, for example, leg immobilized in plaster, the synthesis of new proteins is slow, and decomposition takes place with the continuous pace. a result of muscle atrophy.
Programs Recreational Sports complex affect the body and contribute to developing a common mechanism adaptation, directed specifically at energy and trophic provision homeostskih specific reaction. systematic application of appropriate sport and recreation contributes to the functional and structural realignment of certain organs and systems, to expand their functional capabilities, improving their regulatory mechanisms. This is important for prevention and health maintenance, increase in performance, the bodys resistance to noxious influences. These programs also contribute to eliminating or slowing the process of premature aging, reduce the risk of the development of many diseases, especially heart and blood vessels. systematic use of sport and recreation develops adaptability - state which reflects the degree of readiness of the organism to the most effective performance of muscular work.

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