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How to burn calories?

How to burn calories?.
No matter what the activity is chosen, it is essential to run your body

No matter what the activity is chosen, it is essential to run your body. So in this article learn how to burn calories and in what ways you can achieve. Summer is the best season to go out and try new things .
all know that swimming tightens and water aerobics to burn many calories, but there are other interesting activities related to water that can count as exercise.
Diving: 318 calories
If you letovati in a place known for its rich marine life, provide a mask and fins and you burn over 100 calories per hour survey of the underwater world.
kayaking: 318 calories
On most beaches you will be able to rent a kayak. While breathing in salty sea air and trying to figure out how to push to boat moving in the right direction, will burn the same number of calories as one of the devices in the gym.
skiing: 382 calories
Get out of the boat, stand on skis and become part of the action. little scary, but also a sense of fun while cutting the surface of the water and fight the wind will make you forget the fact that a significant number of calories you burn.
around the house
Summer brings with it a number of tasks that need to be done outside the home. good news is that most of the tedious stuff is actually svojevrsan training.
Mowing the lawn: 350 calories
not overly tedious work, but thanks to that you can spend twice as many calories as the same time in the gym.
Gardening: 255 calories
digging, planting, pulling weeds, trimming calories worth of loss.
car wash: 286 calories
same time saving money and tightening your body. you need is a hose, sponge, auto -Shampoo and dry cloth.
Anywhere outside
If no rain forecast, apply a thick layer of sunscreen and enjoy recreational activities.
Golf: 223 calories
swinging a stick and walk from one to other holes are the same as weekly training on some of the equipment in the gym.
Tennis: 445 calories
not need to spend a lot on the field before a good sweat.
Cycling: 509 calories
There efficient training of cycling. If you drive it every time to shop or at the end with your friends, you will not even notice that you spend a huge number of calories.
Horse riding: 255 calories
You have the opportunity to observe the landscape from above, while burn calories.
drive rollers: 764 calories
If you do not have your Inline Skating, the majority of pleasure they can be rented. Over 700 calories in an hour, entertaining ride.
Dance: 414 calories
Spend warm summer evening by teaching salsa or to the sound of a band. fun and very effective for your line.

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