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Exercising on a treadmill

Exercising on a treadmill.
When you go to a fitness center, depending on how old you are, what kind of shape you are and how much weight you have, the coach will recommend the appropriate exercise for you

When you go to a fitness center, depending on how old you are, what kind of shape you are and how much weight you have, the coach will recommend the appropriate exercise for you. However, many people go to fitness centers and to discourage with a coach or a fitness center does not have a coach. And you see a device and want to practice on it - so you start to exercise without prior knowledge of what actually use a particular device can do for you and is generally recommended for you. One of the most popular devices in the fitness center is a conveyor belt, and if you want to know what it is used and how useful, heres an opportunity to learn.
One reason for the popularity of a conveyor belt is that it can in practice almost all. only if having problems with his knees, or you are extremely obese, conveyor belt is not for you - in the first case, just make your problems worse, and in another case would constitute an excessive burden on your cardiovascular system, joints, tendons and ligaments. In all other cases, the conveyor belt is a good choice, just be determined to what extent to use it.
If youve never exercised, you can start with ten minutes of walking on a treadmill, three to four times a week, when your heart and lungs get used to the effort, you can and running. People who want to improve fitness, and in good shape and have no problems with excess weight, can run between 20 and 30 minutes. If your goal is to gain condition or to remove excess weight, youll benefit from running on a treadmill - at the beginning ten minutes later increase to 20, and still later only increase the intensity of the bar.
In general, any condition for the acquisition, whether for loss of excess weight, can be used only tape - although the if you only use the tape, it should not work more than 20 minutes, unless they improve the already good fit -. However, the healthier and more balanced combined training exercises with the bar forces - ground, weights and a variety of devices - and stretching exercises. So uniformly developed body.
For those interested in how many calories are lost in a deal: when it comes to assembly line, it depends on your weight. If you have 70 pounds per mile traveled on the bar will lose about 70 calories; people than 100 kilograms per kilometer to lose 100 calories. If practiced only on a treadmill, that in one week lost one pound, a person of 100 pounds would have to cross each day on the bar ten kilometers.
As far as health aspects , exercising on a treadmill is great for the cardiovascular system. Regular practice of this kind leads to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improved circulation and blood supply to the body, especially the heart and brain, a better blood supply to the body leads to better utilization of nutrients from foods, as and more efficient expulsion of waste from the body. All in all, exercising on a treadmill is very healthy and beneficial pastime.

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