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Running in the morning

Running in the morning.
Running in the morning is not recommended

Running in the morning is not recommended. It is best to drink green tea in the morning and set aside 30 minutes of brisk walking or light jogging. If you want to run slowly, be sure to warm up. Lake stretching and stretching knees, feet, arms, back. Be sure to drink water every 10 minutes.
morning is also good to do exercise, fitness, or go to the gym in a fast an individual training.
It is recommended that after getting up, to drink fresh orange juice or tea with honey that you would provide a quick energy. juice to bring vitamins, minerals and sugars In addition, you can eat a small sandwich or toast a thin slice of bread spread with such a feeling of satiety. Wait 20-30min to digest in the stomach to go on and light jogging.
They also conducted numerous studies that lead to the conclusion that the body is not ready for the morning run. Running is an intense physical activity and requires the active muscles, brain and body. Running in the morning, causing a shock to the body. body is 8 hours - the optimal time for sleep - without food and physical activity, and to run, energy is taken from the muscle, which is not healthy or the muscles or the body, and you will not get the desired effect of melting fat and excess weight. body will be tired at the beginning of the day.
Also, before and after running should not eat a morning meal is recommended that the most abundant organism to function normally during the day.
only advantage of the fresh morning air and the silence that is very favorable for the organism at the beginning of the day. why the most efficient light jogging or fast walking, which is the body and brain cells and bring new supplies of oxygen to the blood.

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