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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


Burning fat and accelerate metabolism

Combustion of fat and accelerate metabolism.
Textu This will present you a few tricks to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories per day

textu This will present you a few tricks to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories per day.
Green tea is the first thing you need. It is known that there exists an antioxidant that stimulates your nervous system works better and you burn more fat than usual
Move more. You may find this does not seem like something that will burn calories sufficiently, but not really. If you often change the pace, often moving, perhaps Go to your basket, or a walk, it can help you burn 300, 400 and even 500 calories depending on the duration and intensity of these activities.
next trick is you have to strain. It is known that it may prevent the growth of fat cells and so will not allow the deposition of fat in your body.
occasionally insert a short training in your program, but very high intensity, so the total time you will almost halve its length. You from time to time further speed up your metabolism and fat will disappear faster than you think.
If you have not already, and include yogurt in your daily diet with probiotics and so limit the amount of fat in your body.

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