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How to get rid of belly fat?

How to get rid of belly fat?.
Fatty deposits on the stomach are one of the main reasons why people exercise and lose weight

fatty deposits on the stomach are one of the main reasons why people exercise and lose weight. Most people do not matter what it looks like their wish for a stomach and defined abdominal muscles. However, lose fat from your stomach can not just disappear, but a series of sit-ups must work hard in several fields.
1 - Eat a healthy low-calorie. two main causes of abdominal fat are poor diet and inactivity. You can run a mile every day but this will not affect much on your stomach if you eat half for dinner pounds of red meat. Your diet should contain mostly fruits, vegetables and lean protein like chicken white meat. Read the back of the nutritional value of the product, avoid oil, sweets and high calorie foods.
2 - Take a walk or run every day. Cardio program is absolutely essential when it comes to losing fat but that does not mean you have to run out kilometers a day, enough to walk when you go to work when I return. This is the best way to insert a habit of exercise into your daily life.
3 - Swim a few times a week. Swimming activates all the muscles of the body, affects the cardiovascular system, activates those muscles just where you want to remove fat - the abdominal muscles.
4 - Work upper, lower and side abs. Sami crunches will not melt away fat but combine them with the lowering and raising the legs in a supine position and lateral abodminalnim exercises.
5 - Speed ​​up your metabolism. metabolism stimulates the breakdown of fat and speeds of exercise and proper nutrition. Most experts recommend five small meals a day instead of three abundant.

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