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How to calculate calorie consumption?

How to calculate the consumption of calories.
Burning calories is the ultimate goal of every child

burning calories is the ultimate goal of every child. Salo creates a surplus of calories that a person enters the body and to lose weight you need to know calico calories we consume daily and how much they consumed during daily activities. When the count the calories consumed per day during normal activities can be eliminated and more of them per day, so it will increase the intensity of activities. Before you is a simple formula to calculate how many calories you burn daily.
1 - Measure it. If your weight is expressed in pounds, divide that number by 2 2
2 - Number of kilograms multiply the ninth with nine and write down the number you get.
3 - Calculate the height in centimeters and multiply by 25 with 6, please note.
4 - Number of years multiply by 4 92, please note.
5 - Add the number you get by multiplying the weight with the ninth 9 with the number you get by multiplying the height of the 6th 25 and subtract the number obtained from the number you get by multiplying number of years with the 92nd 4th
6 - the number obtained by adding 5 if you are a man of him if you subtract 161 women. number you get is the approximate number of calories your body burns per day.

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