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Extend your life by 15 minutes of exercise a day!

Extend your life by 15 minutes of exercise a day!.
Research has shown that inactive people if you increase your activities in just 15 minutes a day can reduce the risk of death by 14% and increase your life expectancy by three years

Crawling, indexing research has shown that inactive people if you increase your activities in just 15 minutes a day can reduce the risk of death by 14% and increase your life expectancy by three years.
Many health organizations, including and WHO, indicate the advantages of the physical activity and recommended 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise. However, it is unclear whether the less exercise can affect the lifespan of individuals.
Chi-Pang Wen, a researcher at the National Institute Health in Taiwan, did he and his colleagues estimate the health benefits provided by a series of physical activities. It included more than 400 thousand people who participated in the medical monitoring during the period from 1996. And 2008., with an average follow-up of 8 years. On Based on reported weekly exercise, participants were assigned to one of five categories of activity level: inactive, low, medium, high and very high active. researchers calculated the ratio of mortality for each group compared with the inactive group, and they calculated the life expectancy for each group.
Low levels of physical activity still provides certain advantages
Compared with members of the inactive group, those who belong to the poorly active, ie. those who exercised on average 92 minutes per week - about 15 minutes a day - had a 14% reduced risk of death, and 10% of deaths from cancer even though on average three years longer life expectancy. Each additional 15 minutes of daily exercise reduces the risk of death by 4% and cancer by 1%. These benefits are valid for all age groups and both sexes, and for those who had the risk of heart disease. Individuals who were inactive were 17% higher risk of death in the group with low physical activity.
researchers say would be if we followed the minimum daily physical activity, mortality from heart disease, diabetes and cancer could be reduced. This small volume of exercise may play an important role in the global war against these diseases, and thus would reduce the medical and health expenses .
Experts agree that knowing that a little demanding the amount of exercise - just 15 minutes a day - can significantly reduce the risk of death - should encourage a large number of individuals to include a small amount of physical activity into their busy lives. Governments of all countries and health care workers - should play an important role in spreading this good news and convince people of the importance of at least minimal training.
Conclusion This study clearly shows that a small amount of physical activity is good for our health, but and that more training is better.
It is important that we not only practice but also to children from an early age get used to dealing with regular moderate physical activity and recreation in the fresh air - running, walking, swimming, hiking, soccer, basketball, tennis ... -.

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