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Cycling to Health

Cycling to health.
Cycling strengthens the heart, muscles and immune system

Cycling strengthens the heart, muscles and immune system. It is an excellent prevention of the widespread problems of modern civilization such as chronic back pain, heart disease, overweight, heart attack, stroke, joint problems and extended veins. Professor Ingo Froböse, head of the Center for Health German sports university of Cologne and specialist biking, performed for the European Cyclists Federation study on the impact of cycling on our health.
Cycling is more efficient than jogging when it comes to physical fitness . In fact, cycling is the best training for people with medium and low levels of fitness. Only half an hour of continuous driving leaves a positive effect on the heart. On the other hand, very few of those who do not have a good shape can run a half hours without a break. Drive the bike is easier for 60 to 70 percent of the weight bearing saddle and steering wheel. heart and circulatory system are strengthened while freeing the bones and muscles.
Regular training reduces blood pressure, and thus the likelihood of a heart attack. Since this is a physical endurance type activities, and exchange of oxygen intake is increased, and the body gets used to consume fat reserves. driving mode to regulate the transmission mechanism, so even if the lower speed is selected with a high pedaling frequency, blood pressure does not jump much.
Uniform circular motion pedal encourage joint fluid delivering nutrients to the cartilage and joint tissue in her rubbing. Cycling, thus, contributes to the regeneration of the knee joint. rhythmic movements while cycling strengthens diagonal muscles located between the vertebral bodies, and those muscles just provide stability spine. In addition, the cartilage between the vertebrae are nourishing and articular cartilage, through the fluid in the tissue. During cycling cartilage absorb a greater amount of fluid, and the improved supply of nutrients. Cycling is also recommended for people with varicose veins, because the rotation Pedal acts as a pump on the veins and the blood circulates better.
eternal question remains: does the exercise bike riding achieve the same effect as cycling in the countryside? effect on the muscles, heart, blood vessels and joints is similar, but the ride nature provides a far more enjoyable. dose fitness training reduces the stress hormones cortisol, while increasing the level of happiness hormone serotonin and endorphins, natural opiates. Effect: good humor and joy of life!

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