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Six reasons you should go for a run

Six reasons you should go for a run.
Although running may not prevent all your problems, it has always been associated with all health programs, programs for the treatment of emotional state, and even the prevention of many diseases

Although running may not prevent all your problems, it has always been associated with all health programs, programs for the treatment of emotional state, and even the prevention of many diseases. Here are 6 reasons why you should go to the but on the next lunch break that you may have.
1 - While it is true that you run with the help of modern sports equipment may be easier, in fact everything you need to run effectively are good shoes, a tracksuit and sports bra. All know how to run, you still do not have perfect technique of breathing and movement, but these are things that are learned over time, and stamina.
2 - No one other physical activities you will not sweat as much of the running. Modern steppers, bicycles and other high-tech machines in gyms are designed to facilitate your movements, but because you spend so much less calories than a good old run where you are left to themselves and the whole body working as one, with the goal of perfect form and postizanjea figure.
3 - Often people have a prejudice against running because of some of the old theory that running damages your knees and joints, and therefore prefer to devote to exercising in the gym. This theory is not correct. Some of the most prestigious international health organizations have conducted research and found that people who regularly deal with running four times less chance of developing osteoarthritis - the most common form of arthritis - because it occurs more in obese people - and people who regularly have to run - and because running makes your joints more tougher and more resistant to both sports injuries and the serious diseases such as arthritis. also greatly strengthen the cartilage around the joints and ligaments as you all together makes a very healthy and mobile people.
4 - It will help you to rid of stress. Many women swear that they helped to run the full raster and forget about everyday responsibilities and stresses at work, and there are many medical studies that can confirm this their claim. Running - like all other forms of physical activity - will make you a better person and this in two ways. First, of course, endorphins, a hormone secreted by the body during physical activity, often referred to as the hormone of happiness, will make it simple to sow and to prefer the self and others. Another way is to they will run after you yourself be satisfied with progress to date, whether it be your happiness is measured in cm or kg. When a man is satisfied with what was accomplished, he was immediately better. It is important to note that the run is used in serious therapy as treatment of clinical depression, various psychological disorders and even in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.
5 - Most experts agree on the fact that regular exercise can prevent nastanci many diseases like cancer for example. runners also were more likely suffer from diabetes, stroke and various heart diseases. Good for the regulation of blood pressure, increases increases immunity to colds and viruses.
6 - The study, which is probably the most surprised the world, conducted by researchers at Stanford University medicniskog. They studied 538 people who regular run and 423 healthy people who do not engage in physical activity in the period from 1984 to 2005. All study participants were older than fifty years and were regularly asked to fill individual questionnaire each year, measured by their ability to obavaljnje everyday activities such as combing hair, cutting meat, wash your hair ... Every year, the ability to perform these activities has declined in people who do not exercise. Another statement said that at the end of the test 85 percent of the people involved in running is still alive while 66 percent of the other groups died in the meantime. Based on information gathered during the twenty-one years of research it was concluded that regular exercise reduces the risk of disability and even of death.

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