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Oriental dance

Oriental dance.
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Crawling, indexing 5th Nearly 000 years ago in the Near and Middle East Oriental dance is created which is then based on the movements of the hips, abdomen and pelvis. Movements of the stomach and hips dancers simulated childbirth in honor of the gods of fertility would not the mothers gave healthy children.
name belly dancing is most likely derived from the French phrase dance du ventre or belly dancing. In Arabic it is known as raqs sharqi رقص شرقي - Dance of the East - or sometimes raqs baladi رقص بلدي - people dance -. in his country of origin, and girls from an early age learn d through observation and imitation of the older dancers during the celebrations.
today due to increased interest in this dance form, all over the world there are courses to teach. Because graceful movement and attention that attracts dancers feel beautiful and desirable, which improves their confidence and their body becomes firmer and more beautiful. more women start to appreciate your body, even when overweight.
rhythmic movements of the hips and stomach softened PMS symptoms, accelerate blood circulation, reduce stress and strengthen the spinal muscles of the abdomen. Belly dancing is good for weight loss because of the hour you can spend about 300 calories. If you combine this activity with a reduced diet, quickly and easily you can get rid of excess pounds.
Here are some movements that you can Course Oriental dance: Take
first paragraph, a right foot to rely only on the fingers. lift the arms above the head intersect them, and spojte thumb and forefinger of same hand . head bent towards the left shoulder and a little tummy tuck. the rhythm of the music talasajte stomach slowly and gently move your hips back and forth.
2 Slowly going round in circles, following the rhythm of music. If you danced in front of someone, try to watch it right in the eyes and the seductive smiles.
Take third position, the left leg and rely on your fingers. left hand grab her skirt and the right, slightly bent, lift above his head so that your hand is in front of the forehead. Now you ready to turn.
Interview of the oriental dance:
Oriental dance is an art and, therefore, involves three factors: theory, practice and the heart - without whom none of the art does not become alive.
Rozina Favzia Er-Ravi
Dancing is like playing a drum, flute, piano, lute, kanun, or any other musical instrument. dancers instrument is the body.
Hosam Ramzi
Oriental dance is very much the opposite of the ballet , their Western counterparts. essence of ballet in elevation, lightness, gravity defying body. Eastern dance all the more stable grounding, almost buried, barely moving ... but still carries the kind of elusiveness and grace that can not be easily determined.
Edward Said
Swing her body,
the time continuum, there is a pendulum
everyday life.
Anwar Al-Ghassan

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