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Ice skating is a healthy recreation

Ice skating is a healthy recreation.
Skating is one of the healthiest winter sports because it activates all the muscle groups of the body to maintain balance on the ice will be a great istvremeno zanabviti

skating is one of the healthiest winter sports because it activates all the muscle groups of the body to maintain balance on the ice will be a great istvremeno zanabviti. Skating is very healthy, because of low temperatures on the ice micro-organisms do not exist. Br Who is the slippage?
skating is intended for both men and women and there is no upper age limit. However, when the word aje not children younger than 4 years. However, it should be a lot of caution if you opt for this type of winter sports especially if you consider that it is the right choice for children because the rapid movements of the arms or legs usually end up embarrassing fall, and the child is frightened.
Clothes for recreational skating
Before you slip note what you wear, what clothes youll especially odabarati child. Gloves are necessary to handle a child from hurting. He needs to wear warm, layered clothing, and if a bit - waterproof, like a ski odelca. Otherwise, its much better to have thicker socks and hot sweats, but thick pants where his movements are difficult. is required, or the body.
If you do not have skates, you can rent them, but these days a lot of open ice rink offers free skates. However, it may be better to buy kliztaljke if you plan to make this the only aspect of your ztimske Realization Activities. First of hygiene rzaloga and then from dravstvenih udopbne as important as the skates and comfortable running shoes. If you decide to buy used skates, make sure whether it is part of the wrist firm - which is good, or low effort - which means that it is quite worn. Leather or plastic - the same opinion. When choosing your skates it is important to choose those that have your number and that you are comfortable on the leg that does not pinch and do not create pressure.
bottom of the skates is called a knife. Regardless of whether it is a new or used skates, it must be sharp. They do professional people, on separate machines. If the new Skates do not sharpen before use, the child will be very difficult to slide.
To protect the knife you buy plastic covers - Worship - that are put to the ice, and ice to the area where the child moult.

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