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Injuries while swimming

Injuries while swimming.
Swimming is one of the readily applied sports activities for relaxing and soothing effect on the heart, lungs, muscles, joints

Swimming is one of the readily applied sports activities for relaxing and soothing effect on the heart, lungs, muscles, joints.
Swimming to strengthen and tighten muscles, achieving the proper posture and achieves good looks. Yet to swimming as much health benefit needs to learn how to swim properly and get to know the power of injuries in swimming and water temeraturom is optimal for this kind of relaxation and physical activity.
syndrome rotator cuff
When swimming takes place that in certain phases of stroke in different styles of swimming, tendons, muscles on the front-side outside the shoulder joint are pinched between the shoulder bone and reefs. This is a shoulder injury, which is also the most common injuries in swimmers known as the rotator cuff syndrome. Repeat this movement during swimming leads to inflammation and damage to these tendons and surrounding soft tissues.
The cause of this phenomenon
this phenomenon among other causes very irregular swimming techniques, or insufficient reduction in frontal resistance as an additional burden on the shoulder muscles performed thrust. also responsible and core-muscle weakness, because the powerful and well-controlled core muscles provide a good rotation around the longitudinal axis of the hull when swimming, which facilitates the extraction of shoulder muscles of the hand movement of water at the end thrust.

Prevention consists of regular stretching exercises, improving core stability and improving swimming technique. at the onset of early symptoms, or symptoms associated with rotator cuff, it is advisable to reduce the training burden and the earlier review of the sports physician.
ideal Water temperatures
In swimming it is important to pay attention to temeraturu water. ideal water temperature for swimming is 25-26 degrees, and young children around the 28th Water colder than 22 degrees is recommended only for people who are accustomed from childhood in cold water. Ideally the morning and swim to two hours after meals, if meals were more abundant. summer should be careful and gradually enter the water.

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